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Release your music on the official SetFreaks Records label. This release includes a limited edition pre-release, where only a handful of lucky DJs are able to play the track exclusively for a minimum of 8 weeks. After that, your release will be available on all streaming and download platforms.

Upload your demo below and create the ultimate hype for your next release.

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Use this new and unique way of releasing music to let your tracks take the spotlight. Release your music on the official SetFreaks Records label and take control of your own pre-release marketing strategy.

Set the price and the amount of copiesChoose the timeframe before the official release (minimum 8 weeks)Select the special gems you wish to pre-release

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Exclusivity To Mainstream

After a minimum timeframe of just 8 weeks, your track will be available on all major download and streaming platforms. This boosts your track's early hype and ensures you can keep the rest of your regular release strategy!

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What security measures are in place to keep the music from leaking or otherwise unauthorized sharing?

Each track has a unique watermark and digital fingerprint, in combination with 24/7 scanning with recognition software against potential leaks. We also have implemented a customer ID verification system which is mandatory for customers who want to purchase music.

How can I release music on SetFreaks Records?

Head to our demodrop portal and make sure to upload your demo. We are interested in most electronic genres. You will receive an email within a week.

Can I giveaway free promo’s?

Yes, but only after the pre-release sale has closed.

What is the minimum time there must be between the pre-release and the official release?

The minimum time is 8 weeks.

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