Our Mission: The Future of Electronic Music

SetFreaks is a platform that takes a new approach to releasing and collecting digital electronic music.

We strictly offer music as limited edition tracks, with a minimum of 8 weeks before the actual release date. This allows labels and artists to build more hype around their releases and take the spotlight on our website. As a DJ, you can make your sets more exclusive by playing tracks only a handful of other lucky DJs have, before they hit the shelves.

Empowering Creators and Curators

For artists and labels, SetFreaks offers a stage to showcase their work in a manner that underscores its uniqueness, encourages early adoption, and rewards their creativity with the recognition it deserves.

For DJs, it provides access to tracks that set their sets apart, allowing them to lead rather than follow the trends, and to forge deeper connections with their audiences through music that is truly special.

Join Us on Our Mission

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Whether you're an artist, a label, a DJ, or simply a lover of electronic music, your participation is what shapes our community.

Request acess now to spark the hype for your next release or gain early access to elite tracks!

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