Exclusive pre-release music service

For Labels

Start creating hype with the world's first pre-release music service and sell your tracks as a limited edition before the official release date.

Use SetFreaks as a modern marketing tool within your label's release schedule to increase visibility, hype and revenue for your music. Only a handful of lucky DJ's will be able to play the track exclusively before it hits the shelves, making their sets unique!

You Call The Shots

As a label, you call the shots. From pricing to the number of copies, control every aspect of your release. Because it's an exclusive pre-release, tracks on SetFreaks are able to have a higher price point than the regular release in all other stores.

Set the price and the amount of copiesChoose the timeframe before the official release (minimum 8 weeks)Select the special gems you wish to pre-release

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Security On Top

Our security system is in place to protect against promo-list infiltrators and any other unauthorized sharing of (pre-)releases on SetFreaks. Customers will need a verified SetFreaks profile to purchase music, by providing a valid ID and doing a live face check. The ID verification is a one-time process, ensuring easy access for future purchases.

  • Customer ID verification
  • Digital watermark system
  • 24/7 scanning with music recognition software
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Hype Your Release

You retain the full freedom to release your tracks on all music stores and download platforms of your label's choosing, following a minimum timeframe of just 8 weeks.

This boosts your track's early hype and ensures you can keep the rest of your regular release strategy!

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Ready to Revolutionize Your Releases?



What does exclusive pre-release music mean? 

Exclusive pre-release music means that the tracks found on our website are available to purchase before the official release of that track. The pre-releases are only available on our platform and can only be purchased and/or streamed outside of SetFreaks after the official release.

Can everybody purchase music on SetFreaks?

No, only customers with an ID verified SetFreaks profile will be able to purchase music on SetFreaks.

What security measures are in place to keep the music from leaking or otherwise unauthorized sharing?

Each track has a unique watermark and digital fingerprint, in combination with 24/7 scanning with recognition software against potential leaks. We also have implemented a customer ID verification system which is mandatory for customers who want to purchase music.

How can I pre-release music on SetFreaks?

If you are part of a label, create an account on our website and make sure you sign up as a label and fill in the application form as best as you can. If you are an artist, contact the label where you release your music to set up a pre-release on SetFreaks.

Can I giveaway free promo’s?

Yes, but only after the pre-release sale has closed.

What is the minimum time there must be between the pre-release and the official release?

The minimum time is 8 weeks.

Do I need to worry about losing potential sales on other platforms? (such as Beatport)

No, in fact, through our pilot we have found that our pre-release service might actually increase sales on other platforms because of the hype it creates.

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